Venice – Part 2

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After our big day exploring Burano yesterday, today was much quieter. The fog that we awoke to yesterday remained but that didn’t stop us from getting out and meandering through the streets of Venice. Earlier today we were chatting to the lady working on reception in our B&B and she said that the fog was caused by warmer winter temperatures. Apparently if it is colder, the sky is usually clear as there isn’t enough heat to condense the moisture in the air.

Fun fog facts aside, here are a few photographs from today’s exploration. We did quite a bit of walking, venturing from our B&B just behind St Mark’s Square, across the Rialto Bridge, over to the Accademia and then back to St Mark’s Square. Here is the view of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge:








And finally, the view across to San Giorgio Maggiore through the fog…


Our time in Venice is just about over now as we leave early tomorrow for the next leg of our trip. Prior to arriving here in Venice, I have to admit that I wasn’t all that excited – I was keen to revisit Burano but wasn’t looking forward to the crowds, however, I’m so glad that we included Venice in our itinerary. The crowds haven’t been too bad and as I wrote in Part 1, there is something so magical about Venice, even in the fog. Ian discovered that Emirates flies direct to Venice (via Dubai) so we’ve already started dreaming of our next visit, perhaps incorporating the Greek Islands? But then we’d love to revisit Cinque Terre and Provence as well…looks like there is lots more travel on our horizon 🙂

Tomorrow we have a big day of travel, involving a variety of transportation! We will start with a ferry back to the train station, followed by almost 5 hours of train travel to get us to Naples, which will then be followed by a shuttle bus to Positano. I’m looking forward to a quieter day sitting on the train tomorrow – we have done a lot of walking over the last three days! I also can’t wait to get to Positano. I’ve never been there but have seen many photographs and it is another spectacular place that I cannot wait to explore and photograph. The weather in Positano is also a bit warmer and sunnier, so that will be a pleasant change after the cold and fog.

Sadly tomorrow is the start of our final week in Italy and of this trip! I can’t believe that we are so close to the end now and it seems to be approaching rather quickly, however, when I think back to the start of our trip in Nice and Provence, that seems like a really long time ago (it was 5 weeks ago). We still have some fantastic places to visit on this trip – Positano and then Capri, so there is plenty to look forward to. As much as I’ve loved this trip and wish it could continue, I am looking forward to getting home and back into a normal routine. As I mentioned in my New Year post, I’ve set myself some big goals for this year so I’m keen to get stuck into achieving them. Stay tuned for my next post from the beautiful Amalfi Coast!

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