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Our European adventure wouldn’t be complete without one final post of our brief time in Rome. After leaving Capri, we caught a taxi, ferry and train to get us to Rome, our final destination for the trip. We didn’t have a huge amount of time in Rome – we arrived mid afternoon on the Wednesday and flew out on Thursday evening. As we needed to do a bit of a repack of all our gear, we kept things quiet on the Wednesday afternoon, knowing that we would have a bit of time to explore on the Thursday morning. Fortunately we were able to arrange a late check-out from our hotel, so we could spend the morning exploring without needing to leave our luggage somewhere. Plus it was lovely to be able to enjoy a shower just before heading to the airport and spending the following 25 (or so) hours travelling home.

Our final day in Italy was overcast and threatening rain. On our previous trip, Ian and I had both seen quite a bit of Rome, however I had never visited the Spanish Steps. So, we ventured out, with our first destination being the Spanish Steps. It was fairly quiet and I was able to get a tourist-free shot of the steps…



Next stop – the Trevi Fountain!


And yes, we made sure we threw some coins in to the fountain to guarantee a return trip 🙂



Unfortunately by this stage our time was running out and it was time to return to the hotel. Our time in Rome was short and sweet, a bit like this blog post! But don’t worry, I’ll be back again soon! I’m planning on posting a ‘recap’ post of our big adventure in the next day or so with a few new photos that have yet to grace the blog. Until then, here is one final shot from Rome. Even despite the gloomy skies, there is still so much colour. I love that about Italy!



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  2. If 3D is fun for adults, how much more is it for kids. I’m glad your son enjoyed the movie so much with his 3D glasses. Natawa ako dun sa , “Mommy can I touch them?” He is so cute.

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  4. Godt Nytt Ã…r Petunia!Jeg fÃ¥r en lengsel etter lukten av myr, jord og kjenne vinden i ansiktet nÃ¥r jeg ser pÃ¥ blinkskuddet ditt fra fjellet.Jeg har forventninger…M

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