Springtime splendour

Spring is by far my favourite season of the year. I love the sweet scent in the air and the new life that emerges after being dormant all winter. I’ve had the privilege to get out and enjoy the springtime this year, having spent time in the Blue Mountains, Floriade in Canberra and the Central Coast. My macro lens has been getting a good workout of late and below are some of my favourite images that I’ve taken recently. I hope you enjoy!
















A hunger for creativity

Just over two weeks ago, I finished Term 2 of the school year feeling completely burnt out. Several times during the break I’ve had an overwhelming desire to pack up my life, rent out our house and go travelling (or in other words, run away). As I’ve written in my previous posts, I started a new teaching position at the beginning of this year, and while Term 2 was certainly very hectic and stressful, I believe part of the reason for my feeling burnt out was because I’ve seriously neglected my hunger for creativity and love of photography. Many times this year I’ve wanted to pick up my camera and just shoot. I have been busy but I certainly haven’t been prioritising my photography as I have in the past, resulting in me feeling as if I’ve cut off an important part of myself. I’ve come to the decision that this has to change! While I am still 100% committed to my full-time work as a teacher, I’m also wanting to spend more time being creative and developing this little business known as Megan Bennett Photography.

As I begin to get back into my photography and continue growing my business, here are some photographs that I took last week while holidaying on the South Coast of NSW. I’m very blessed to have a Grandmother who, for as many years as I have been alive, has cultivated a beautiful garden just outside of the township of Berry. It was a beautiful, dewy morning and I enjoyed playing around with my macro lens, capturing some unseasonably early tulips (hopefully signs of an early spring?!).










I had some fun experimenting with the moss and dew drops and rather like the abstract nature of this shot!


New beginnings

This is a season of new beginnings. The trees and flowers are budding with new life as spring unleashes its beauty for all who will behold it. It is such a beautiful time of the year. Most definitely my favourite. Personally, it is also a time of exciting new beginnings.

Last week we took a trip to Canberra and visited Floriade. The flowers were spectacular and I loved being able to photograph this one small portion of God’s awesome creation. I hope you enjoy some of the images that I captured.

Bits and pieces

It is amazing how fast time flies when you are…ridiculously busy! I’m not too sure what happened to the last month, but life has been insane. Thankfully, the busy period is coming to an end and I’m deliberately trying to slow down so that I can spend more time with the things I love – Ian, my family and friends and (of course) working on my photography.

To bring you up-to-date with my recent photographic happenings, I’m currently completing another course at the Australian Centre for Photography. The homework is certainly keeping me busy and I’ve been enjoying the creative challenges. I have also recently had the privilege of photographing portrait sessions with two very cute 6-week old babies as well as a wedding (I’ll be blogging about these very soon!). On Friday I’m very excited to be attending the Tamara Lackey workshop, which will be followed by an engagement session on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to these two events and I will be sharing them with you shortly!

As no post is complete without photos, here are a couple of images that I photographed for a recent ACP homework task on colour theory. You can probably tell which colour I chose to concentrate on 🙂

and lastly, one of my favourites…


Spring has to be my favourite season of the year. I love watching trees burst into new life as the days slowly grow warmer and longer. Last weekend, while in Katoomba for Engage, we were able to spend the afternoon enjoying the beautiful spring blossoms at the Everglades gardens. It was a spectacular afternoon and I enjoyed the opportunity to soak up the beauty that surrounded me. Here are a few photographs that I took…

The bees were clearly enjoying the flowers as much as I was!

Life has been incredibly hectic of late and sadly it always tends to be the things that you love most that become the first to be neglected. Once this weekend is over, things are downhill from here (in terms of busyness) and I’m looking forward to spending more time doing the things I love – like photography! In just under two weeks time we’ll be heading off for a much needed holiday to South Australia. We’ve been planning this trip for a number of months now and I can’t wait! I’ll blog some more about the trip as it gets closer, however we will be visiting some spectacular places which provide many photo opportunities. In the meantime, I’m anticipating two relatively restful weeks at home – I’ve got lots of editing to catch up on and blog posts to write 🙂

Rose Festival

Over the weekend, Swanes Nursery at Dural held a Rose Festival. I thought I’d take my camera along to capture some of the roses. I was expecting a massive display, however all they had was a small room with a few of their newer rose varieties.

The image below is a bit of an abstract photograph of some roses from the festival. I quite like the patterns that the petals make.

Things have been a little slow lately photographically, mainly due to the fact that we are moving house in about a months time. I’m hoping that after the move, I can finally devote much more time to my photography!

This weekend is looking fairly quiet so perhaps I’ll be able to get out and do some shooting then. There is a spot on the Northern Beaches that I’m keen to visit 🙂

The Hermit

Last week was the first competition night of the year for Castle Hill Camera Club, of which I am a member. The set subject for the competition was ‘Nature’ and after thinking about it for a little while, I decided to submit a photograph that I took while in Vanuatu in 2009. The photograph is of a hermit crab, which I found on a beach while doing a day trip around the island of Efate.

The judge quite liked this photograph and I was awarded with a merit! Awards are given in the order of acceptance, credit and then merit, so I was very pleased to have received the highest award.

The competitions are made up of two grades – A grade and B grade. All new members are automatically placed in B grade, so it is my goal to hopefully move up into A grade by the end of the year. That means lots more photography and entering competitions throughout the year.

I have done a bit of photography recently, however all of those photographs are still sitting on my memory cards because I’ve been too busy! Hopefully the next few weeks won’t be too busy and I’ll be able to post some of my recent photographs from the Central Coast and Katoomba Men’s Convention (yep, as well as being on the tech team, I also photograph many of the conventions!)

On another note, we just started booking our next ‘big’ holiday. While not overseas (we’ll save that for next year), we are planning on travelling back to South Australia in the September/October holidays. Part of the trip will involve almost a week staying on Kangaroo Island. I can’t wait to see this part of Australia as it looks quite spectacular and I am looking forward to doing a lot of landscape photography while there.


Well, it has been some time since I’ve uploaded a post so I thought it was about time! I have been busy planning for my upcoming trip overseas which is now just under three weeks away. As well as trip planning, I have also been busy organising my wedding which will be taking place on the 25th of September. Certainly lots of exciting things happening this year!

A few weeks ago I bought some roses and loved the subtle pink colour around the edge of each petal. Here is a macro shot of one of the roses…

Last night I started reading Scott Kelby’s book on Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Digital Photographers and got stuck into playing with Adobe Camera Raw. It’s awesome! Last weekend was the Castle Hill Show and I took my camera along and shot in raw so I’m hoping to play around with Camera Raw a bit more with these photos.

Finally, about a week or so ago I crossed over to the dark side and am now a fully-fledged Apple user. I purchased a 13″ MacBook Pro which I’ll use mainly for my photo editing and also travelling.

I’m planning a bit of a photo shoot over the weekend so hopefully I’ll have a few new photos to post soon.